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How to choose the right towbar for your car?

First, let us define a towbar. A towbar is a device used in towing an automobile. It is often placed and fitted at the back of the vehicle that will be towed. There are various types of tow bar each car. Each with a specific function and design. It is important to know what tow bar to choose for the vehicle to get a perfect fit and what to consider when picking one for your car. Here are some guides and tips for choosing the right tow bar for your vehicle or car.

Things to consider before choosing a towbar

It is important to know what to consider in a tow bar before choosing the right one for a vehicle. Here are some things to know and consider:

  • The Type of Vehicle

Vehicles have various styles and sizes thus why towbars vary for different vehicles. It is important to know the type of vehicle for a towbar to properly fit and function properly.

  • The Weight

It is always important to know about the weight of the car that will be towed as to not put a strain on the tow bar and the vehicle. It is significant to consider the recommended weight of the tow bar.

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  • The Type of towbar

There are many types of towbars such as the Fixed flange ball tow bar, Detachable swan neck tow bar, and the fixed swan neck tow bar. These types of tow bar all have different functions that are suited for various uses.

  • The Price

Some towbars are much more expensive than the other, depending on its quality and type. It is important to know the price to prepare and budget the money that will be used on buying one.

The Different Types of Towbars

Considering the types of towbars is very important as to know its function and what type of vehicle it is best for. Here are 3 types of towbars:

Fixed flange ball tow bar

A Fixed flange ball tow bar is known to be the most used types of towbars, especially in the UK. It is traditionally used for towing vehicles such as towing caravans and heavy trailers. The fixed flange ball towbar has an additional function like carrying bikes on the back of the car simultaneously while towing and an adjustment of the towing height if needed. It consists of a towball that is bolted to a plate which consists of 2-4 holes and thus allows a space of 25mm for extra fittings.

Detachable swan neck tow bar

The Detachable swan neck tow bar is also one of the most used towbars in Europe. It can be detachable thus its name, so owners can remove it if it is not in use. This type of tow can only carry bikes and tow one at a time. The Detachable swan neck tow bar allows unrestricted access to the booth of the vehicle. It has a slimmer design than the flange ball towbar.

Fixed swan neck tow bar

The Fixed swan neck tow bar is the least common towbar used in Europe but is very popularly used in other countries. It has the least flexible design thus making it mostly not compatible with the vehicle’s fitting or accessories and can’t be installed if the vehicle has a bumper shield. It is though compatible with AL-KO stabilizers and is the reason for its slightly higher price among the three. Finally, the Fixed swan neck tow bar is the towbar to less likely to set off the reverse sensors of a vehicle in parking.

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